Sunday, April 21, 2013

The chipmunks and chipettes Blog


Everyday A Chipmunk or Chipette will do a blog post.


Do not litter

Please do not litter. It's an awful habit.

One day when I was walking home from school I had to pick up 11 pieces of litter, because I just could not ignore it.

So if you litter, please stop because it might get blown by the wind and out to the ocean and kill the fish.

It gets stuck on the fish's face and suffocates them.
So please do not litter.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The chipmunk and chipette couples


Today I am telling you about the Chipmunk couples.

1.  Alvin and Brittany.
2.  Simon and Jeanette.
3.  Theodore and Eleanor.

4.  Digger and Oliva.  (my made up couple)

At least they have a friend.



Hello everybody.

Today I am doing a post on the...GOTHMUNKS!!!

The goth munks are like the gothettes but boy versions.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hi everyone.

Today I was looking on google and I found this image of the... GOTHETTES!!!!!!!!!!

The gothettes are the Chipettes dressed up like goths. I know, Cute.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rhianna's post

Okay. My friend Rhianna wanted me to do a post on Yellow Pandas.

She Is a bit obsessed with the colour yellow and animal panda

(Rhianna's note)
yellow is cool and pandas are awesome
so i hope you have enjoyed this note and talk to you next time bye :)

Funny talking animals youtube video

Hi guys. I want to tell you about this youtube vid.

Its called funny talking animals-best of.

You will die cause its soooooo funny.

You must watch it.


Hello guys. Today I want to tell you about Minecraft.

Its a fun game for the ipod, ipad, iphone and the computer.

There is 2 modes and they are Creative and survival. On creative, you can build anything with no trouble. But on survival, you can build but watch out for zombies.

So if you have a iphone, ipod or ipad, you should get Minecraft.


My winners of the chipmunk and chipette competition

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Thank you to those people who entered my competition.
Since not many people entered I say that the people who entered are the...WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well done.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The chipmunk and chipette competition

Hello guys.

Today I am setting a competition.

To play you need to write down in the comments box as many Alvin and the chipmunks impressions as you can and say who said it.

For example; " ughhh Why do I always have to be right"  Simon. To win, you need to type in as many impressions as you can. Whoever writes the most, wins.

You have until I do another blog post.

I will announce the winners in my next post.

Well you better get cracking then if you want to win!!


the chipmunks and chipettes moshi monsters accounts

Hi guys. today I felt like doing a post, so I did.

So I have invisible friend of the chipmunks and I made them moshi monsters accounts.
Alvin has a furi username is woollybird40.
Simon has a diavlo username is 19zanyfizzy.
Theodore has a furi username is 22funnychilly.
Now my made up chipmunk Digger has a furi and his username is busy60rox.
Brittany has a poppet and her username is roxcat79.
Jeanette has a poppet and the username is 14dogfancy.
Eleanor has a luvli and her username is tinycrazy46.
Now Oliva my other made up chipmunk has a katsuma and her username is angel68frog.

Now feel free to add the chipmunks on your moshi monsters account but say you have read my blog.