Thursday, April 11, 2013

the chipmunks and chipettes moshi monsters accounts

Hi guys. today I felt like doing a post, so I did.

So I have invisible friend of the chipmunks and I made them moshi monsters accounts.
Alvin has a furi username is woollybird40.
Simon has a diavlo username is 19zanyfizzy.
Theodore has a furi username is 22funnychilly.
Now my made up chipmunk Digger has a furi and his username is busy60rox.
Brittany has a poppet and her username is roxcat79.
Jeanette has a poppet and the username is 14dogfancy.
Eleanor has a luvli and her username is tinycrazy46.
Now Oliva my other made up chipmunk has a katsuma and her username is angel68frog.

Now feel free to add the chipmunks on your moshi monsters account but say you have read my blog.


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