Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Amazing Horses


Hi. I'm soooooo sorry for not doing a post for ages. Anyway, Today I got something I have wanted since I was 3. And it was a horse.
I ended up get 2 horses because we had extra money.
And I named them Coffee (Top) And Midnight (Bottom)
I now do pony club every Wednesday at 4:30.
I often take Coffee but if she is sick or hurt, I take Midnight.
I like to feed then oats for breakfast, Barley for lunch and both for dinner. I went PSYCHO when I heard I was getting horses.
I got them from a breeder. Oh, And I forgot to say... COFFEE Is pregnent and I am SOOOO Excited. The vet said she is going to have 1 girl horse and I don't know what I'll call it.
When Coffee has her foal, We are going to make Midnight pregnent. They are an early birthday gift. YAY!
My birthday is 11th of September. Anyway, I have to go to bed now. So Toodles! Oh and... Have a horsey day!

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