Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy St Patricks Day

Happy St Patricks Day Everyone! I know it is a day after but I thought I should say Happy St Patricks Day anyway! So to celebrate, I am going to tell you about all my lucky items. So let us get going!

1. My lucky rainbow gloves.

I have lucky rainbow gloves because this morning, I was getting ready for school and it was so cold, So my mum suggested putting some gloves on, so I did. And during that whole day, I kept on wearing those gloves because they are so comfy and I love the colour of them. Lucky me!

2. My lucky tree.

I have a lucky tree because I have always loved trees and that tree has always been there for me when I'm sad. :(

3. My lucky knee.

It may sound like I am going nuts but on my left knee I have a birthmark and I have never seen anyone with a birthmark on there knee before. So it is my lucky knee!

4. My lucky leather. (Don't worry, It is fake leather)

I got this lucky leather at a market for free and I will have it for as long as I live!

5. My lucky beanies.

I wear these beanies to bed because my head gets all cold over the night and my beanies do a perfect job at keeping my head warm! And they make me happy! :)

6. My lucky pen.

It is massive. The pen is huge and it is yellow, blue and various other colours.

Now, I will be adding to this list every time I get something... LUCKY!!!!!

Now please, Have a lucky day!

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