Thursday, March 20, 2014

How To Have A Sleepover... Morgaine Style!

Hello Awesome people. Today, I'm telling you how to have a Morgaine style sleepover! So let us get started.

You Will Need:
1. Snacks.
2. A whole load of friends.
3. Blankets and pillows.
4. Fizzy drinks.
5. The ability to stay up very very late.
6. Lots of movies.

First of all, get your friends beds ready at about 6 o clock.
Next have a pillow fight but be safe.
Thirdly, go outside and play some cool games until it gets dark.
Next, when you come back in, get your food and drinks ready and put a movie on.
Fifthly, Get all snug up with your friends and... Have lots of fun.

So,I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you enjoy your next sleepover! Oh, and in the mean time... Have some Popcorn!!!! LOL!

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